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Rink COVID-19 Guidelines...


Starting Sunday, July 18, 2021, PER SKATING EDGE ICE RINK POLICY FOLLOWING STATE REQUIREMENTS, face coverings are REQUIRED while inside the rink establishment.  Face coverings are optional although recommended while skating.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Where is the Ice Angeles office?

The Ice Angeles Hockey League is only associated with the Skating Edge Ice Arena (23770 S. Western Ave. Harbor City, CA  90710) in terms of playing games there. We do not work at the rink. We do not have an office there. Our mailing address (its The UPS Store) is 2390 Crenshaw Blvd. #241, Torrance, CA 90501.  The UPS Store will take drop offs or you can mail it.  Venmo (@iceangeles) and Credit Card payments are the most popular options.

Pre Game Rink Rules

Please respect the rink and rules.  Players are not allowed to skate on the ice until the Zam door is completely closed.  Due to flying pucks and the safety of the Zam driver who is shoveling the loose ice off of the rink, players are not allowed on the ice while the Zam doors are open.  Spectators and children are not allowed in the areas beyond the Zamboni Garage and the Scoreboard.  Rink staff will ask you to stay behind these areas at all times.  This includes the time between games where players are dressing and undressing in their respective locker rooms.  Please respect the rink employees.

Next season will begin in January 2022.  Registration opens November 23, 2021.


Anticipated Season Start Date Sunday JANUARY 16, 2022

14 regular season games.

Payments are NOT accepted by the scorekeeper.  Please make Payments PRIOR to arriving at the game or you will NOT be allowed to skate.  Venmo is the fastest way to pay.  @iceangeles (code 7601)

New players will attend the evaluation scrimmage.  January 9, 2022.  Time is TBD.  Cost is $20.


$425 - "EARLY BIRD" Pay in Full - by DECEMBER 10, 2021

$450 - "REGULAR FEE" Pay in Full - by JANUARY 9, 2022

$470 - "2 PAYMENT PLAN" 1st Pay of $235 - by JANUARY 9, 2022

$495 - "3 PAYMENT PLAN 1st Pay of $165 - by JANUARY 9, 2022

$350 - "2ND TEAM" - Contact the office at or 310-294-9534
for clarification of what qualifies for an individual 2nd team discount.

$100 - Individual Goalie Fee (Goalies must register)

1 Game Sub Fee - $40

3 Game Sub Fee - $105

Sub Fee is non refundable and non transferable.  Any balance left over can be credited to the next season.


Subtract $75 team discount if paying by cash, check or Venmo.

$5,655 "EARLY BIRD" Team Fee Pay In Full – by DECEMBER 13, 2021

$5,755 "REGULAR FEE" Team Fee Pay In Full - by JANUARY 3, 2022

$5,955 "2 PAYMENT PLAN" Team Fee -
1st Pay of $2,978 by JANUARY 3, 2022
2nd Pay of $2,977 by MARCH 27, 2022

Watch Ice Angeles Hockey Games Live!  Cameras turn on during Ice Angeles Scheduled Games.  Wednesdays at 7:55pm , Thursdays at 8:05pm and Sundays 11:55am.

REGISTRATION for 2022 Spring League (January-June)


South Bay Inline Hockey League





Inline hockey league at Wilson Park Roller Hockey Rink is available for your inline hockey skills.  Click on the logo to direct you to the South Bay Inline Hockey League website.

Ice Angeles Hockey Leagues connection to LA Kings tickets and events is with Ryan Gottschalk.  Contact Ryan for your LA Kings ticket needs at 310.535.4508 or

Accepting Visa, MC, Discover and Debit