“Why are we playing on Saturdays?”

So…”Why are we playing on Saturday night?” We apologize for that information not getting to some. At our seasonal Team Rep meeting, we mentioned that playing Saturday night was a possibility to accommodate more teams. Some reps did not get the information to pass along to you, the players. While we know the Aluminum, Lower and Upper Copper and Bronze Sunday are Sunday divisions, the 10:55am Sunday slot was not available at the time and we know that scheduling 11:40pm is out of the question! So enter Saturday night.

It was our intention to divvy up the Saturday slot as evenly as possible amongst all Aluminum, Copper and Bronze teams. With odd number of teams in 3 of the 4 divisions, it was impossible to make it completely even, so some teams got 2 Saturday slots, and 1 team got 3 Saturday slots. So we apologize the inconvenience these Saturday night games may cause some of you, but they are necessary to accommodate more teams, bigger divisions and to ensure we end the season in a timely manner. With all the holidays this time of year, it is taking 6 months to play a 14 game season.

"Offsides? How do you know?"

The other item on the list is the lack of lines/circles in the ice. We have spoken to the rink owner, Erwin and he had intentions of redoing the lines this past Summer, but his wife and co owner of the rink, Renata, had her battle with Cancer take a turn for the worst and things took a back seat. Renata unfortunately passed away late last year. Erwin said he will redo the lines maybe as early as the Easter break or July 4th break.

Where is the Ice Angeles office?

The Ice Angeles Hockey League is only associated with the Skating Edge Ice Arena in terms of playing games there. We do not work at the rink. We do not have an office there. We pay the rink a monthly ice rental bill. We play our games and we leave. So if you want to drop off a payment, only do so when we have scheduled games. You can give payment to the scorekeeper, we trust him. The scorekeeper is hired by us, sometimes it is us. So PLEASE, DO NOT SEND OR LEAVE ANY PAYMENTS AT THE RINK (I’m not yelling, just saying). Our mailing address (The UPS Store) is 2390 Crenshaw Blvd. #241, Torrance, CA 90501. Sorry, but we do not have a physical address for you to come and hang out at! And per my wife and kids, my home is off limits! I can’t speak for Sean however.

Games on Sunday, February 8, 2015

A few weeks ago, Sunday, February 8th, for those that had a game, you noticed that your games were behind schedule, some up to 45 minutes. This was due to a Figure Skating “test session” which the South Bay Figure skating club scheduled their last session into our first game time slot without authorizing it with us or the rink. Then the ice wouldn’t freeze fast enough because the ice temperature was turned down for the figure skaters and it took a few hours for the temperatures to get back up to freeze the ice faster. How does this happen, you ask? We asked that same question and we only got, “It won’t happen again”. We apologize, but it was something beyond our control.

Jersey Standards

Teams are looking good, as far as jerseys are concerned. We still have a few individual jerseys that fall out of our “acceptable” standards. Either your jersey doesn’t match in color or you have no number. For those that fall into this category, you will be notified and have 1 week from this notification, to comply or risk serving a penalty to start your next game. If you are one of these players and have questions about acceptable, let us know.

Winter/Spring 2015 Season Is Underway!

The 2015 Winter Season is underway.  We have a few individual player openings.  You can still register online by clicking the Register Online link at the top on this page.  Our Winter/Spring season will carry into late June 2015.

We have 36 teams registered in 6 divisions.  We look forward to another fun season.  We here at the Ice Angeles Hockey League appreciates the teams, team reps, players, fans, officials and the Skating Edge Ice Arena.  Without the efforts of each, we would not be able to run a successful league for you to all play in.  We also would like to mention that one of the owners of the Skating Edge, Renata Heindl passed away during last season, after battling cancer for many years.  Renata will be missed by those that knew her.


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